30march, on this very date, back in the year 1977 in Villach / Austria, my journey began. It’s been a cold and snowy Wednesday in early spring. In my personal opinion, a perfect day to jump into life and start my very own story.

October 2020: Find out more and see the 30march brand & design case study over at Thomas‘ Blog (Article in German)

Work, life & balance

I have the strong opinion, that it’s not an either/or, when talking about someone’s very personal mix of handling jobs, lives and hobbies. I don’t want to think of myself of being „at work“ or „having a life“. That’s why I don’t like the idea of a „Work-Life-Balance“ at all, so right here with 30march I want to create something that goes beyond this.

30march / lifestyle brand by Thomas Sommeregger

Make everyday special

That’s the best mindset you can wake up with in the morning. Also, that’s the idea of this personal brand and my next endeavor: Living your life to the fullest, balanced, every single day, up to 366 days a year.

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Oh, and by the way, my name is Thomas Sommeregger. Feel free to click on my name and take a look, what the search engine’s telling about me and all my recent stuff.

What’s next? Please stay tuned and for now, follow 30march on Instagram.

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30march / lifestyle brand by Thomas Sommeregger
"Don´t think outside the box, create a new one."