30march, on this very date, back in the year 1977 in Villach / Austria, my journey began. It’s been a cold and snowy Wednesday in early spring. In my personal opinion, a perfect day to jump into life and start my very own story.

Work, life & balance

I have the strong opinion, that it’s not an either/or, when talking about someone’s very personal mix of handling jobs, lives and hobbies. I don’t want to think of myself of being „at work“ or „having a life“. That’s why I don’t like the idea of a „Work-Life-Balance“ at all, so right here with 30march I want to create something that goes beyond this.

October 2020
30march / lifestyle brand by Thomas Sommeregger (Foto: Paula Kirnbauer)

Make everyday special

That’s the best mindset you can wake up with in the morning. Also, that’s the idea of this personal brand and my next endeavor: Living your life to the fullest, balanced, every single day, up to 366 days a year.

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Oh, and by the way, my name is Thomas Sommeregger. Feel free to click on my name and take a look, what the search engine’s telling about me and all my recent stuff.

What’s next? Please stay tuned and for now, follow 30march on Instagram.

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30march / lifestyle brand by Thomas Sommeregger (Foto: Paula Kirnbauer)
"Don´t think outside the box, create a new one."